About me

A few years ago I turned thirty. Before I hit that landmark I chose to make some changes, setting goals, and tried my hardest to achieve them. One of them was moving to London, another learning to drive. The only one I never met was to give myself a new trim, lean and athletic body. Why did I not meet that? One very delicious reason…Food!
I love food. I love eating food, thinking about food and I totally relax when cooking. Something about the way preparation, precision, produce all come together sits very well with my project management inner self. If I could talk to my 17yr old self I would tell him that a career in food would be very fulfilling.

Yet at 18, I embarked on a journey that would take ma far away from learning about food. Exploring sports, English literature, diversity, and campaigning. Turning 30 was my turning point. I started getting into food, not just cooking to survive but getting into the detail of the process. Devouring writers, recipes, magazines and blogs to find food that I enjoyed.
By no means, do I think that I am a culinary professional. This blog isn’t here to dictate or define dishes. It is here because I want to learn. I want to learn more about produce and production. I want to learn how to make interesting dishes using techniques I never knew. I want to design plates of food as tasty as they may look in pictures, or that wow a judge. I want to try new restaurants and take my taste buds to a whole new level.

This blog is about that journey, a place to capture my thoughts, what I’ve learnt, what I’ve designed. You may hate it, you might like it or you might even have some advice for me. I’m launching this blog the same day that I feature on MasterChef and that will tell you just how much I still need to learn.
The blog

This blog is very much about my learning journey. Sometimes, I am trying out a recipe from a chef, a book or a magazine, because I have never tried their technique or idea. Other times I am putting ideas and flavours together and hoping they are turned into scrumptious food.

Part of my journey is to be better aware of produce. I moved to London in 2014 after 8yrs in Edinburgh. It has been somewhat a difficult transition, where once I knew the name of the greengrocer, fishmonger and butcher, now I have been faced with Tesco Express, Sainsbury’s and tourist destination markets where I just can’t help feel unconvinced by the price tag. I want to learn how to get the best produce in London. Starting locally, and moving more to really understand how produce buying can be maximised in inner-city London.

Part of this journey is also going to be looking at food I don’t normally cook with. How do you use salt cod? What is the best accompaniment for gari?

I hope that as this blog comes together, I explore the world and when I look back at this in my sixties it is a dialogue about the world of food.